Update! 4/13/16

First I wanted to say thank all of you for the kind responses and words of encouragement with my work so far. It means the world to me that there are others like me seeking truth through the Word.

I am working on getting all of my notes together on Revelation Chapters 7-11 this week and hopefully will have a few more Chapter break downs up by the end of the week..

Ministry Donations

I am going to continue making my studies/research available for free on this website. I do not want to write a book and coax you into buying it. I believe Biblical doctrines and teachings should be free because God made the gift of salvation free to all of us. Studying and reading through the Bible and different doctrines that are taught today is a passion of mine in my own personal pursuit for truth. This allows me to bring you the most Biblically sound answers I can.

I have 3 main goals for the future of this ministry..
1) I would love to be able to afford a domain name for Mindful of the Truth Ministries. This would give me more freedom with page design etc. (also I will need to hire a web designer)
2) Eventually, I would love to bring more people on board to help the ministry grow and reach even more people with Biblical truth.
3) I want to be able to print up copies of my work to hand out or send to people free of charge.

So, If this ministry has helped you or blessed you in any way and you want to in turn bless this ministry with a donation to help further these goals, I will be providing a Paypal button below this for you to do so. Also, there will be a donations button on the “About” page.

This is optional based on your convictions. If you do not want to donate money you do not have to, and you sill still have free access to this ministry’s work! Again, thank you all so much, and hope that my work continues to bless those who have ears to hear!



Your brother in Christ Jesus
-Kyle Schumacher


2 thoughts on “Update! 4/13/16

  1. Kyle,

    Your ministry has been an open giving of yourself. Personally, I think you know your Master’s voice and have freely shared that with others.

    Thank you for sharing your gifts with us….and I will share my gifts with you.

    Thank you bro.

    David in Iowa

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